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Short and long skirts in ethnic fabrics
Soft casual jackets in different styles and fabrics
Modern designs in traditional silks and cotton

Conscious Fashion


About Anunita

I conceived the idea of creating my own label in fashion design about 15 years ago. My influencer was my mother who was beautiful and ahead of her times in fashion. She passed on her great sense of style to me. In my journey of being a fashion designer I have encountered absolute freedom while imagining and creating designs.

These designs have come into existence out of various expressions of self and with an array of imaginations. The imaginations that have created these lines have come out of different moods and experiences emanating from the identity that encompasses both the Western and the Eastern culture.

The lines that I will continue to create will reflect the above thoughts and will exhibit the Indian traditional art work on Indian natural fabrics but manifest the fashion designs inspired by the West.


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