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cultivating fashion and style

The brand anunita came out of a passion for fashion and style. I cultivated fashion and style and synthesised the two to create the brand. My life experiences encompass two different backgrounds and cultures, from India and the UK. The designs of anunita are a blend and reinterpretation of these two countries’ traditions manifesting in a new, fresh and contemporary look.

I met with numerous challenges setting up the business on my own however, the whole process of nurturing the business was enjoyable at the same time. I always had a preoccupation with everything natural so while setting up my brand, it was inevitable that my brand would embrace and stand for everything natural and it does. anunita is a sustainable fashion brand subscribing to a business model embracing slow fashion, reducing waste, recycling waste, being fair to artisans, reducing carbon footprint and being eco conscious.

When I conceived of the model about three years ago, I felt lonely on the journey. The strategies I took in order to stick to my ethos sounded absurd to many at first. I was of course determined to carry on and would not give in to the pressure of the wider society in the name of ‘establishing the brand’, ‘marketing’, ‘testing the market’ and so on. Recently, the pandemic changed the whole ball game of the fashion industry or so we think? Hopefully, we’ll see a fashion industry now that is more kind to our conscience. Well, the business ethos that I started out with and my strategies to support my principles, do not seem so out of place or out of this world (in its literal sense!) anymore.

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