March 26, 2019

Nothing is more in fashion right now than sustainable fashion. We are looking at an ethically aware and moral shopper who wants to vote with their wallet, supporting sustainable brands and making unsustainable fast fashion so last year! At Anunita, we have always and always will be a sustainable fashion brand – but it is not without its difficulties!

Finding Sustainable Resources

A fast fashion company has the advantage of being able to source materials and manufacturers at their leisure. They can always (and often do) choose the best deal possible for the company in order to create the products as quick as possible and leave the biggest margin for profits possible. A sustainable brand, however, has to be very particular in their search for resources and their decision-making.

At Anunita, though the production line begins with Anunita herself, in Surrey, designing each individual piece in the line, the materials and manufacturers are sourced from India. We buy limited materials to ensure minimum waste and insist each piece be created by hand – which takes a much longer time!

Production Woes

There are many areas of production that are made more difficult for sustainable brands. From the design process to ordering materials and creating perfect pieces, there is a lot of waste to be avoided! We are currently working on the new summer line of Anunita which has run into production issues of its own. Pattern cutting refers to the process of which a fashion design is interpreted in a way that is relevant to fabric. At Anunita, we have one very important pattern cutter who works diligently to achieve this – but, of course, it is a lengthy process! Since every single design at Anunita is brand new with absolutely no repetitions, it’s an even longer process than you might think! Even with deadlines looming, sustainable brands do not cut corners or compromise on what is right, which might disadvantage them.


What is fashion if not the timely creation of trends? Fast fashion companies who unethically source materials, factory produce and underpay workers are excellent at getting designs out quickly – almost immediately satisfying your desire for an item. Sustainable fashion companies, however, have to undergo longer and more deliberate processes. How do they overcome this? Instead of making last year’s fashion favourites and releasing them too late, we have to be more creative and forward-thinking. We create pieces you’ll not just love for minutes but years! That’s why all the pieces at Anunita are of such high quality and are timeless.

It does, however, mean that we cannot surf the trends in order to gain exposure. Instead, we have to think out of the box to bring our ‘thinking out of the box’ pieces to your attention! That’s why it is so important to get behind the sustainable brands you know, sing their praises and recommend them to your friends!

If you keep caring for the planet and envisaging a better and kinder future for fashion, we’ll keep overcoming obstacles and challenges to bring you the pieces you love! Keep an eye out for our new summer line at!


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