May 29, 2018

This week at anunita, London fashion designers, we spoke to our head designer; Anunita herself, to educate us on the full design process, from fabric to fashion.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

The clothes that I design are made in the city of Calcutta, India. I come from the city and grew up there, so I have got an attachment to it and its people. My master tailor lives in the outskirts of Calcutta and I travel to the city from London twice a year to get my clothes manufactured. I then bring the stock to London. I have an apartment [in Calcutta] so it’s almost a home away from home. Once I am there, I am in a relaxed mood and all set to start my design process.

The process begins

I set up the process of procuring fabrics and other raw materials for my designs in London. Mostly, I know the kind of fabrics I am looking for by talking to my business associate and other fabric providers, who get these fabrics directly from the weavers. I then start visualising and imagining designs which mostly come to me at times when I least expect them to. I could be having a cup of tea or coffee gazing out the window. Or I could be lying in bed with a book. I always have a sketch pad and a pencil to hand, so I can quickly sketch the designs or make some notes when a design is lurking in my head.

As soon as I arrive in Calcutta, I normally start the process by meeting the people who I am going to buy the fabrics from. They could be an NGO, a retailer, a wholesaler, a textile designer or a weaver. When I am in conversation with these people, seeing and touching some of these beautiful fabrics and embellishments, I know exactly what I want for my next collection of designs. Then there is a meeting between my master tailor and myself, where we spend hours going through the fabrics, the designs and the embellishments.

The next step

Once I have conveyed my ideas to my tailor, his job is then to convey those ideas to his pattern cutters. From there, the designs start taking shape to bring you beautiful, bespoke-style trends.

At anunita, London fashion designers, we are dedicated to incorporating unique patterns into the latest designs to create bespoke pieces. If you would like to find out more information email or call 07946341105.

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