September 19, 2018

You’ve probably heard the expression “less is more” at some point in your life. Whether it be referring to how much perfume you’re wearing, or the number of colours you’re trying to combine into one outfit. At Anunita London, we feel as though this phrase extends to the quality of a piece of clothing. Here is why we feel as though made to measure clothing helps you to truly reflect your bespoke style.

Better fit

Nothing can beat that feeling of finally finding a piece of clothing that fits you in all the right places. It makes you look and feel amazing, allowing you to exude confidence. But why only get that feeling once in a while when you can achieve it every single time you wear an outfit? With our made-to-measure service, you are truly allowed to reflect your bespoke style.

Truly unique

If you’re somebody who likes to showcase your bespoke style and will search for hours upon end to find the perfect piece, then our made to measure service is the perfect solution for you. You’re able to take full control which allows you can alter the clothing to decide if you want to appear taller, smaller, curvier or slimmer! The best part? It’s completely bespoke and unique to you!


The expression that you can’t be comfortable and stylish is a complete myth! The majority of the time, made to measure clothing which is designed to fit your exact measurements, is more comfortable compared with ready to wear garments!

At Anunita London, all our designs are completely bespoke, releasing new collections each season; mixing the latest design trends along with intricate patterns! If you would like to keep up to date with Anunita London or to receive our latest offers, sign up for our newsletter and receive an exclusive 10% discount code!

So, if you would like to find out more information about our bespoke clothing, email or call 07946341105.

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