October 26, 2018

At Anunita London, we are always looking to stay ahead of the bespoke style trends which will make the perfect wardrobe staple. This week, we’re back with the one item three ways challenge, but this time, focussing on the Flared Sleeve Cropped Jacket from our Latitude Collection.

What is the Flared Sleeve Cropped Jacket?

The Eastern- Inspired Cropped Jacket with Statement Sleeves

Statement sleeves are big this season and they look no more effective than when designed as a highlight against the beautiful silhouette of an eastern inspired cropped jacket.

Always one step ahead when it comes to essential eastern-inspired wardrobe staples, our bespoke jacket from our Latitude collection is always a popular choice.

Why? Well as well as its flattering fit, it can easily be paired with so many items in your wardrobe, making it a clear frontrunner for our: one item three ways challenge.

What is the eastern-inspired cropped jacket with statement flared sleeves?

This particular piece is an absolute must-have wardrobe staple. Made from 100% cotton to ensure maximum comfort, it’s a black cropped Indo-Western jacket with intricate gold detailing for an added touch of luxury. To finish it off, it also has flared sleeve detailing, creating a beautiful silhouette.

Style 1: New Years party

Everyone knows that the New Year’s party is the one time of year that you really need to dress to impress. Showcase your very own bespoke style with our Flared Sleeve Cropped Jacket paired with a sating cami, black skinny jeans and black stilettos. The intricate gold detailing looks beautiful when paired with a delicate gold necklace.

Style 2: Business meeting

We’ve all been in the situation where you’ve got to meet a client for lunch to discuss a business proposal, however, you’re not sure what to wear. Fortunately, our eastern-inspired cropped jacket with flared sleeves makes the perfect statement piece. Wear it with a well-fitted pair of suit trousers and a white shirt.

Style 3: Shopping with your friends

Another chaotic moment is when you’ve planned to go shopping with your friends for the day. As the saying goes, ‘when you look your best, you feel your best’, therefore, when you’re going shopping, you’re going to want to look good. Pair our statement Indo-Western piece with your favourite pair of jeans and sneakers.

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