May 31, 2018

At anunita, London Fashion Designers, we are dedicated to creating the perfect statement pieces specially designed to suit you! This week, we spoke to the head designer, Anunita herself to talk about the innovative design process, from fabric to fitted shirt!

Where did it all begin?

My life experiences encompass two different backgrounds and cultures; some from India and some from the UK. My designs reflect the blending of these two countries’ traditions and that has helped me to create new, fresh, bespoke fashion.

My biggest fashion inspiration was my mother’s beauty and her sense of fashion. In the UK, we see a constant change in the world of fashion. Similarly, in India, fashion is constantly evolving but because of the different textiles that are being used. It’s these dimensions of both countries that inspire me immensely, as they both combine variety and diversity.

The Design Process

I travel to Calcutta several times a year to find natural fabrics which will inspire me to create several innovative designs. Then I begin working with them, deciding which garment would complement the fabric best.

Before choosing the fabric, I look at the interweave of the fabrics; the hand-crafted embellishments and the hand embroidery which then inspire my designs. Each design comes into existence as a result of a quest to blend tradition with beauty, elegance with style.

Traditional Indian fashion is often classed as something that is respected, interpreted and reinterpreted. Fashion of the West is synonymous with the self, freedom and creation. My goal is to combine classic cuts with innovative designs to create bespoke style trends.

If you would like more information about anunita, London fashion designers, get in touch today by calling 07946341105 or email

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