June 4, 2018

At anunita, London fashion designers, we believe that it is incredibly important to create your very own bespoke style. Which is why this week, we’re here to give you eternal outfit inspiration with our very own fashion A-Z.

A is for Accessories

An outfit is not complete without accessories. Try finding some unique rings or statement pieces to truly reflect your bespoke style!

B is for Bespoke

All of anunita’s designs are completely bespoke and tailored to you. By incorporating hand woven textiles into classic cuts, anunita’s designs are truly unique.

C is for Coats

A woman can never have too many coats, we recommend owning about 6, that’s one for each season and then some spare for those awkward transitions. Try and venture out if you always go for one style of jacket, as coats can easily transform an outfit!

D is for Designs

At anunita, London fashion designers, we travel as far as Calcutta to find unique designs before incorporating them into classic cuts.

E is for Embellishment

We’re huge fans of embellishment – if done right, it can really transform a plain garment into a statement piece!

F is for Fabric

We aim to use hand spun fabrics in all our designs to stay in touch with our authentic roots.

G is for Glasses

It may take trying on 500 pairs before you to find the perfect match, but once you find them, your sunglasses will become the ultimate fashion accessory.

H is for Handbags

Big ones, small ones, tall ones, short ones, we love them all! A trusty handbag is key to finishing your look!

I is for Inspiration

Before we even begin designing, we rely heavily on inspiration from the beauty of the fabrics we work with.

J is for Jeans

Each woman should invest in at least one pair of well fitted, designer jeans. They can make you feel empowered and are the perfect go to for every occasion.

K is for Knotting

Whether you’re knotting your laces or your t-shirt, this is going to be a big trend this summer!

L is for Lace

A little lace dress or is the perfect wardrobe staple

M is for Mini Skirts

Take it back to the swinging 60’s with an iconic mini skirt, found on the high-street in a range of materials!

That’s the fashion A-Z, part one! If you would like more information about any of anunita’s designs, don’t hesitate to get in touch on info@anunita.com!

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