December 28, 2018

Anunita London is a fashion brand popular for its mix of Indian fabrics and traditional detailing in western shapes but who is behind the label?

Inspired by India

Anunita herself grew up in Calcutta, India and was inspired by her mother and her mother’s fashion before moving to the UK and developing a passion for contemporary western cuts and silhouettes. With so much fashion taking the same shapes and styles, the dual identities in the Anunita range are a breath of fresh air to the high street!

Dual-Identity From Sketch to Stitch

Anunita designs each fashion piece on her breaks in her Kolkata holiday home and loves seeing each piece come to life from her sketches. It is not just the inspiration of the fashion that is dual identity – Anunita truly involves her home country with each individual piece, sourcing the most high-quality fabrics. With an emphasis on hand-woven textiles, organic cotton, natural fibres, handcrafted embroidery detailing and the finest Indian silk, each piece of the ethical clothing brand celebrates the best of Indian fashion.

Wear and Love

Anunita understands that the best outfits in our wardrobes are the ones that we can wear time and time again which is why so much of the range is perfect for dressing up and dressing down! Whether you’re slipping into trainers and jeans or a little black dress and heels, you can spice up your outfit with Anunita pieces you are truly going to love and feel comfortable and confident! One of her favourite things about Western styling is its flexibility, which she has brought into her unique, memorable, easy-to-wear pieces in the range.

Anunita fashion is a celebration of the rich individuality that comes from dual-heritage and global fashion. The brand celebrates not just the wonderful diversity of different cultures, but the acceptance and unity global fashion creates. Just like women, no piece at Anunita is the same!

Browse the autumn winter range online here now and pick a piece to love for years to come. With the January sales now on, there has never been a better time to treat yourself!


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